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Palm Beach County Life Science Industry Action Plan

The Palm Beach County Life Science Industry Action Plan enumerates the seven major recommendations that came out of the Palm Beach County Life Science Industry Study.  It also details the short and long-term action items that will be used to carry out those recommendations over multiple years.

Palm Beach County Life Science Advisory Council

The Life Science Advisory Council is composed of Palm Beach County life sciences stakeholders from industry, education, government, research and medical institutions, and venture capital who oversee the BDB’s execution of the Life Science Industry Action Plan.

Industry Infrastructure

BioFlorida, the state’s trade organization for the Life Sciences, is headquartered in West Palm Beach at the heart of Palm Beach County.

Life Sciences South Florida, a consortium of all public and private universities along the I-95 corridor from Miami to Port St. Lucie, involves academia, research institutes, and the biotechnology industry in providing an overarching umbrella for the entire Southeast region.

The Life Science Technology Hub (LST HUB) supports the Life Sciences and Technology industries in Palm Beach County, gathering resources – investors, business, and marketing specialists – and integrating them with Life Sciences and Technology professionals, students, and educators, with the goal of creating an ecosystem for the growth of new companies and jobs.

Bioscience Overlay Zone: In 2006, five municipalities and Palm Beach County drafted an Interlocal Agreement to establish a Bioscience Research Protection Overlay to protect portions of land for biotechnology and biosciences land uses that are in proximity to The Scripps Research Institute.

BioCatalyst International is an international group of scientific and business managers who partner with scientific teams to create market-driven, sustainable biotech companies.

Florida Institute for the Commercialization of Public Research supports new ventures and job creation based on publicly funded research state-wide. The Institute has both company-building and company-funding programs, and works collaboratively with technology licensing officers across the state.

Palm Beach County Life Science Newsletter

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