Research + Development

It all starts with “what if?”

Palm Beach County’s life science strength is research and development, and the Scripps Florida Research Institute, the Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience, and Florida Atlantic University are the county’s anchor R&D institutions. Together, they focus on cancer, chemistry, neuroscience, immunology and microbial sciences, metabolism and aging, and molecular therapeutics, bio-imaging, bio-sensing, cellular mechanisms, and other basic, applied and translational biomedical research.

Palm Beach County companies are developing an oral therapeutic for Wet AMD, antibodies for treating hospital-acquired Staphylococcus aureus infections, diagnostics and therapeutics for musculoskeletal disease, and other products to cure illness. They are performing clinical research trials, providing bio-specimens for biomarker development, manufacturing scaffolds and biomaterials for combinatorial products, providing contract R&D, and more.

From 2006 through 2015, Palm Beach County research institutions (including universities and for-profit companies) received 529 NIH grants totaling over $205 million.

In the Area:

Access Medical Laboratories
Akron Biotech
Aurora Diagnostics
Brain Matters Research, Inc.
Coleman Labs, LLC
Cytonics Corporation
Drug Study Institute
Dyadic International
EHA Consulting Group
FAU Louis and Anne Green Memory and Wellness Center
GLG Pharma
Global Pharma Analytics
Health Awareness, Inc.
Institute for Neurological Recovery
Max Planck Florida Institute
Meridian Life Science, Inc.
Ovation Diagnostics
Palm Beach CRO
Pelican Therapeutics
R/S Tech-Prob Solutions, LLC
Scripps Florida
Strox BioPharmaceuticals
Tyrogenex, Inc.
Xcovery, Inc