Pharmaceuticals + Nutraceuticals

Palm Beach County companies synthesize and supply active pharmaceuticals ingredients, chemotherapy drug pellets, central nervous system drugs, omega-3 therapies for cardiovascular disease, advanced hormone replacement products, and more.

Other county companies provide the pharmaceutical industry with innovative drug delivery systems, distribution, and support for business development, regulatory and technical operations, and sales and marketing.

In the Area:

Breckenridge Pharmaceutical
Cardinal Health
ESBA Laboratories, Inc.
Foundation for Preventive and Integrative Medicine
Garden of Life, Inc.
Jupiter Orphan Therapeutics, Inc.
KRS Global Biotechnology
LGM Pharma
Neuro Pharmalogics Inc.
OPKO Health
Pivotal Therapeutics
Sancilio & Company, Inc
Transdermal Delivery Solutions Corp
WDSrx - Woodfield Distribution, LLC
Xcovery Vision