Jupiter-based BioCurity Pharmaceuticals, an early-stage biotechnology company backed by the Palm Beach County Business Development Board (BDB), has launched a crowdfunding campaign to advance the development of drugs that would prevent the side effects of radiation therapy for cancer patients.

The firm so far has raised over $117,000 in equity from more than 50 investors through a regulation crowdfunding offering on Start Engine. The topical and IV medicine in development would treat the side effects caused by radiation for multiple cancers, including lung, breast, head and neck, prostate and colorectal. BioCurity is expected to meet with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration about its initial drug application before it is submitted.

“BioCurity is revolutionizing treatments for cancer patients. That’s an amazing technology to support cancer patients undergoing lifesaving radiation therapy using Jupiter as its launchpad,” BDB President and CEO Kelly Smallridge said.

BioCurity’s new employees and senior management have relocated to Palm Beach County and they plan to add 15 professional, administrative and scientific staff members by 2023 as they expand locally, according to the BDB.

The BDB is aggressively recruiting biotechnology companies to set up shop in the region because of their high-paying positions. Bioscience powerhouses including the Scripps Research Institute and the Max Planck Society, as well as surrounding universities, are actively contributing to Palm Beach County’s rising reputation as a hub for biotechnology.

South Florida Business Journal
Emon Riser