Expansion Therapeutics, one of the largest spin-off companies from the Scripps Research Institute Florida, will move to a new facility and add jobs.

The biotechnology company has secured 5,000 square feet at 555 Heritage Drive in Jupiter with the help of the Business Development Board of Palm Beach County (BDB), the Town of Jupiter and the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners. It will add jobs there, according to the BDB.

“With its new location, Expansion Therapeutics will not only bring new discoveries to the world, but will create opportunities for local scientists and students in our community,” said Kelly Smallridge, president and CEO of the BDB.

Expansion Therapeutics is developing drugs for dozens of genetic diseases that have no competitive treatments. It has exclusive worldwide rights to research and intellectual property from The Disney Lab at Scripps Research Institute and the lab of Dr. Matthew Disney, an industry leader.

“We founded Expansion because we are passionate about and committed to discovering and developing novel medicines for patients with RNA-mediated diseases, such as myotonic dystrophy, that currently have no viable therapies,” Disney said.”We have a strong commitment and ties to the local biotech community and we look forward to continuing with our growth and development plans.”

Expansion Therapeutics is currently at 5353 Parkside Drive in Jupiter.

Palm Beach County is home to a cluster of biotechnology companies surrounding Scripps and area universities. Securing more of the sector’s high-paying jobs is a major goal of the BDB.

South Florida Business Journal