The Palm Beach Life Sciences Cluster


Palm Beach County’s Life Sciences Cluster is home to over 200 companies primarily engaged in activities from R&D or manufacturing of biotechnologies, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals to the environmental and biological sciences.  Palm Beach County’s Life Sciences Cluster is fully integrated, with our companies drawing qualified employees from an academic pipeline providing STEM and life sciences education starting from the earliest ages up through our top ten nationally ranked PhD programs in Chemistry and the Biological Sciences.  With an anchor of several recognized local and regional collegiate research institutions, the Palm Beach Life Sciences Cluster generates a significant amount of commercializable from which a fruitful garden of additional companies sprout daily.

With one of the nation’s top healthcare systems, academic medical schools at Florida Atlantic University, Nova Southeastern University, and University of Miami, Palm Beach County has the ideal location from which to build a company from “bench to bedside.”  Palm Beach County is economically also one of the state’s largest agricultural centers, providing noteworthy opportunities for companies within the agricultural life sciences segment.  Notably, with our world-class anchor research institutions, Palm Beach County is the most significant neuroscience research hub in the country, blending internationally-recognized research institutions with a neuroscience-supportive community and healthcare system.  With our available talent, supportive academic partnerships, highly-desirable climate, and Florida’s pro-business environment, Palm Beach County is the ideal home for life sciences companies.

The life sciences cluster in Palm Beach County can be characterized as “bench to bed.”  Located within the North Palm Beach Life Science Corridor are two world-renowned research institutions, the Scripps Florida Research Institute and the Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience. Scripps Florida’s six cutting-edge departments explore cancer, chemistry, neuroscience, immunology and microbial sciences, metabolism and aging, and molecular therapeutics.  Max Planck’s departments focus on bio-imaging, bio-sensing, and cellular mechanisms.

In addition, Palm Beach County is home to five universities, including Florida Atlantic University (FAU), which is a Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching “High Research Activity” institution with maintains a specific Life Sciences Initiative.  FAU’s Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine capitalizes on the areas existing strengths in basic, applied and translational biomedical research by addressing pressing health challenges including cardiovascular disease and stroke, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, macular degeneration, autoimmune diseases, and HIV/AIDS. Palm Beach State College also supports the industry with a 90,000 square-foot Bioscience Technology Complex on its Palm Beach Gardens campus.  The major research institutes collaborate and partner with a community of over 100 innovative companies in fields including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, therapeutics, biotechnology, and medical IT.  Palm Beach County’s 14 hospitals and numerous medical facilities incorporate the latest scientific findings and technology developed locally and around the world, and collaborate with the research institutions regarding best practices, completing the “bench-to-bed” cycle.

Since the arrival of the Max Planck Florida Institute in 2007, the Business Development Board (BDB) has assisted 48 life science expansions and relocations to Palm Beach County that have created 3,674 direct jobs and retained 519 jobs.  This has resulted in over $330 million in capital expenditures in the life sciences and healthcare industries.  For companies seeking to relocate, start, or expand in Palm Beach County, the BDB is the perfect partner to help you navigate the process, from finding real property for your business, securing expedited permitting, accessing county or state resources, and to meet other members of the community to support your business needs.

The Business Development Board of Palm Beach County’s Life Sciences Team

The Business Development Board of Palm Beach County’s
Life Sciences and Healthcare Industry Cluster Task Force

Community leaders from the entire industry from bench to bedside partnered on the Life Sciences and Healthcare Industry Cluster Task Force to develop the Life Science Industry Action Plan under which BDB is engaged to support the Industry in Palm Beach County.  Including leaders of our internationally recognized academic and research institutions (FAU, Max Planck, Palm Beach State, Scripps, experienced CEOs from our top-tier hospitals (JFK, Jupiter Medical Center), and many industry leaders, including CEOs and other life sciences industry stakeholders.  Ambitiously, the task force brings together talented professionals from the highest levels within the industry’s prominent stakeholder institutions to provide guidance on best to support a unified vision for growth.  Unlike other clusters, where various semi-cooperative fiefdoms are merely geographically co-located, the Palm Beach County Life Sciences and Healthcare Industry Cluster Task Force is a testament to the collaborative spirit of the region’s stakeholders.  For life sciences companies looking to relocate, start, or expand, BDB can leverage the Industry Cluster Task Force to locate local collaborations, manufacturing capabilities, research partners, and service providers to empower your business with the tools needed for a successful transition.  View the Life Sciences and Healthcare Industry Cluster Task Force

Palm Beach County’s Life Science Industry Action Plan and
Life Science Advisory Council

Life Sciences Palm Beach FloridaIn 2015, the BDB retained nationally-recognized consultants to embark upon a project to determine how best to continue the Palm Beach County Life Sciences Cluster’s growth in the future.  With support of BDB members and other community stakeholders, the consultants reviewed data, compared Palm Beach County to other clusters, and interviewed professionals from a variety of segments within the industry.  Under the guidance of the Life Science Advisory Council, the consultants finalized the Palm Beach County Life Science Industry Action Plan.  The Industry Action Plan contains seven over-arching recommendations to further accelerate the cluster’s growth.  View the Life Science Advisory Council

The Life Science Advisory Council is composed of Palm Beach County life sciences stakeholders from industry, education, government, research and medical institutions, and venture capital who oversee the BDB’s execution of the Life Science Industry Action Plan.  These champions for the Life Sciences Industry oversee the BDB’s implementation of the Plan’s Recommendations.  To learn more about the Recommendations, please visit the link below.  View Overview of Life Science Industry Action Plan Recommendations

Become more involved in the BDB‘s Life Sciences Initiative today – visit our events and membership pages to learn more about how you can invest in Palm Beach County’s future!